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Budapest gun activities - Guns and wars

Pistol shooting - Price: EUR 67/person (GBP 45)

Budapest pistol shootingEverybody likes James Bond movies, right? But have you ever tried shooting in real life? It is not as easy as it seems to be. Now you have the opportunity to see if you really are a sharp-shooter. You will be transferred to a pistol shooting centre, where a guide is going to tell you what is allowed and what is not and how the gun needs to be used. After the short training you will have a big selection of guns to choose from (ie.: .45 Heckler and Koch, .357 Magnum, Hungarian FÉG B9R, Czech CZ 75, Jericho 9mm, Glock-17). After that there is a competition, where you have to score as many points as possible on the targets. Ammos, guide, transfer and a FREE BEER are included in the price.

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Paintball - Price: EUR 52/person (GBP 35)

Budapest paintballPaintball is a game, all young people know and like. Why? You play a role as if you were a soldier in a war, but no possibility of pain and dying. This is a game, which increases your adrenaline level, since bullets fly quite fast next to you, when you try to target and shoot down your opponent. Several locations and types of game can be tried (old factory building, capture the flag, etc) and a guide explains the rules. Pay attention, 'cause you can get shot easily and then the game for that round is over for you. Make your team the winning one, so after the war you can taste your FREE BEERS even sweeter. Be the next indestructible warrior! Get your paintball gun and shoot the enemies! Fire!!!

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Airsoft Combat - Price: EUR 67/person (GBP 45)

Budapest AIsoft combatA fast paced, action-packed, 4 hour long game in the authentic environment of an abandoned Russian military installation. The aim of this program for the participants to get familiar with the airsoft game, its speciality, experience weapons in different situations, such as ambush, combat in multi-leveled buildings, or sector-based assault. The teams will be accompanied by instructors, who will oversee the upholding of the safety regulations, and also to coordinate the game, and assist the players, should they need it. The instructors are professional airsoft players, team leaders, whose task is to ensure the flowing and the thrill of the game.

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Tank driving - Price: EUR 235/person (GBP 155)

Budapest tank drivingA T 55 tank in your hands. 22 ton steel war monster, with 580 horsepower. Unstoppable. You are the warlord now... and the world's most capable off road vehicle (GSzP-055, A modified version of the PT-76 amphibious tank chassis) is still waiting for you to cross the rivers and hills with some scary grin on your face.

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WWII.Lads vs troops - Price: EUR 127/person (GBP 100)

Budapest WWII. Lads vs Troops"The object of war is not to die for your country, but to make the other bastard die for his." You and your Brtish Paratrooper Commando troop enclosed the observation post, fully equipped with the original guns, grenades and creeping to your position in your uniforms. You get your position behind an SS truck and your comrades reached their dugout as well. The rifle-shot is prepared behind his cannon. It's only seconds left while your commander gives the sign for throwing the first grenades and begin the hit raid. Kill'em all and let God sort'em out!

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Should you be interested on the above programs or need help please do not hesitate to contact us at: info@budapest-hotel-guide.hu.

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