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Activities on wheels in Budapest - Driving programs

Go kart race - Price: EUR 52/person (GBP 35)

Budapest go kart raceDo you know how all the Formula 1 drivers started their career? Of course, you do. They practiced on a go kart circuit. You can have an enjoyable time together with your friends driving these go karts. Although this is not Formula 1 you can still have an opportunity to race your friends. You will begin with warm up laps and after that, the race! You can choose to have it like in the real Formula 1 or it can be longer. After the black and white checkered flag finishes the race the results are announced and the winner gets their bottle of champagne to spray on everyone else. The go kart engines are a whopping 200cc. Although the circuit includes a variety of long straight parts and big curves, full throttle and no brakes are strongly recommended. The price includes the transfer, the go kart driving and a round of BEER. The green light is on, so get mad and pass all the cars!!!

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Tabant rally - Price: EUR 105/person (GBP 70)

Budapest trabant rallyDo you know how it feels to drive a 15 year old car? You may. But you may not know how it "feels" when you drive a 15 year old Trabant originated from the ex East Germany. The car is small, uncomfortable, weakly equipped, loud, slow and is powered by a two-stroke engine. Despite this, many people do like and drive these funny cars made out of paper. Do you ask why? The answer is simple. You shouldn't expect the power and the speed, because if you do, you are going to be disappointed. What you should expect is the noise of the engine and the amazing driving experience that you've never felt before. The facts: many drivers insist on their Trabants and they would not swap it for anything and one of the mostly booked activities is Trabant rally. This cannot just be chance.

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Strip limo - Price: EUR 373/limo (GBP 260) + EUR 105/GBP 70 per stripper

Budapest strip limoWe guess you all have seen on TV how the stars present themselves before the MTV Music Awards or the Oscar. They roll in their 25-30 feet long stretch limousines to the entrance and when they leave the limo, some hot babes escort them. But what is happening in the limousine during the road? We can show you!!! You can have a Striptease limousine transfer from the airport to the hotel, or a round trip in the city, where you will dazzle people with your vehicle and the stripper girls will dazzle you with their skills. You can select how many girls you want to ride with. A glass of champagne is included in the service.

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Party bus - Price: EUR 670/bus (GBP 450) + EUR 105/GBP 70 per stripper

Budapest party busHave you got style? With this vehicle you definitely will have. Rent a party bus in the evening and take a ride with your friends in Budapest. Everybody is going to watch you enjoying your Budapest night. On the bus there are unlimited happy hours, meaning you drink AS MUCH BEER AS YOU WANT during the 5 hours trip. TThe driver will ask you what kind of music you would like to listen to and there is nothing else left to do except enjoy the cruise through the city, where you can choose the itinerary. Our guide will look after your wishes during the 5hour party bus trip.

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Quad biking (2 hours) - Price: EUR 94/person (GBP 65)

Budapest quad bikingThis activity is located about 15 miles away from Budapest. There is a 30 hectare forest and off-road circuit in the neighbourhood of Hungaroring, where you firstly get the instructions of an expert on how to use a quad. After the controls become familiar, you will face an off-road circuit you need to complete. After that, together with the guide you will go for a tour in the forest, where further challenges await you. Since this is a quite an extreme activity, helmet and protectors are going to be provided for your safety. Guides, instructors, protectors, transfer and a BEER are included in the price.

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Airport H2 limo transfer - Price: EUR 495/limo (GBP 336) + EUR 105/GBP 70 per stripper

Budapest airport h2 limo transfer"High Rollers - Big Ballers..." as the big bad Hungarian rapper Ogli G says :). But it's something that really gives the feeling. A 37 feet long luxury car for 18 persons. For the smallest group (6 guys) there is enough room in the H2 limo for 12 strip girls...


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Airport limo transfer - Price: EUR 295/limo (GBP 200) + EUR 105/GBP 70 per stripper

Budapest airport limo transferIn an elegant white limousine you can start your stag weekend in Budapest with style. Champagne and greeting by our pretty guide is included. You can always add a beautiful Hungarian strip girl for some special entertainment.


More details about this driving program...

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Should you be interested on the above programs or need help please do not hesitate to contact us at: info@budapest-hotel-guide.hu.

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